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Journey to Virginland: a groundbreaking American novel blazes a new trail, with intimations of Beckett’s Waiting for Godot


Satire books and Mr. Dog Son of Dog: the diabolical satire of Journey to Virginland


Exiled writers and a whirlwind called Journey to Virginland: Solzhenitsyn and Milan Kundera revisited


Trends in Christianity and the revolutionary message of Journey to Virginland. Armen Melikian's novel initiates a new trend in Christianity


Religious revolution as human evolution: Armen Melikian’s ecstatic vision for change through transformative religious revolution


Philosophical Writings: The Wondrous Universe of Armen Melikian


Historic fiction: the Dog Son of Dog papers


Philosophical fiction: The Explosive Debut of Armen Melikian


Religious fraud: Dog Son of Dog against the sacred cows. Fraud in the religious truth unmasked as Dog bites God


George Orwell: a powerful echo of George Orwell in the 21st century novel Journey to Virginland


John Shelby Spong and religious revolution: Son of Dog raises John Shelby Spong's revolutionary religious exposition to unfathomable novelistic heights in the American novel Journey to Virginland


Experimental literature becomes must-read literature in Journey to Virginland


God does Dog does God: the face of comtemporary literature in the novel Journey to Virginland. Contemporary literature rocked


Aspects of literary revolution in the novel Journey to Virginland engender the transcendence of the novel


New religions: Journey to Virginland and the power of enlightened engagement. Is Melikian founding a new religion?


Vardan Mamikonian: Vardan Mamikonian or Mamikonyan is an unorthodox character in Dog Son of Dog's Journey to Virginland


Orhan Pamuk and Dog Son of Dog: voices from the other side of the border. Orhan Pamuk and Armen Melikian create a joint metanarrative


Xenophobia: the “other” in the world of Dog Son of Dog, and the other side of Xenophobia


Finnegans Wake and Journey to Virginland: echoes, intimations, provocations


Kurt Vonnegut and Journey to Virginland: got Bokononism, will travel. Explore the parallel universes of Kurt Vonnegut's Bokonon and Armen Melikian's Son of Dog


Religious philosophy: the critical pulse of Son of Dog in Journey to Virginland disquiets religious philosophy


Ancient mythology comes alive in Journey to Virginland through a stark mythological exegesis exposing unknown layers of ancient mythology


Zoroastrian religion and the mythological prototypes of Zoroastrianism in the novel of ideas Journey to Virginland


Armenian literature: Melikian's Journey to Virginland, the cutting edge of Armenian literature


Armenian Church through the eyes of Dog Son of Dog


Armenian history: a sweeping critique of Armenian history in the novel Journey to Virginland


The Armenian people: the odyssey of the Armenian nation under a new perspective in the novel Journey to Virginland


Armenian art: the shock of the new in the novel Journey to Virginland


Lebanese writers: the devil and Dog Son of Dog


The Armenian diaspora: a powerful new vision for the Armenian diaspora in the novel Journey to Virginland


Lebanese literature earns a glittering addition with the American novel Journey to Virginland penned by a writer of Lebanese origin: in the footsteps of Gibran Khalil Gibran?


Journey to Virginland turns Armenian-American literature upside down


Armenian-American writers: An Armenian-American writer, Armen Melikian disturbs the peace by his novel Journey to Virginland


Armenian culture through the lenses of Dog Son of Dog


Armenian Genocide according to Armen Melikian: the quest for a new ethos of survival